LIVING OFF THE GRID – Sunday, June 10

Date: 06/10/2012
Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Cost: $10

Lessons Learned: Life In The Wilderness

Join Victoria and Tom Schneider as they tell stories and answer questions about their life in the wilderness in the early 1970’s. They left their city life behind, piled their few possessions and high hopes in a freighter canoe and paddled into the wilderness of the northern B.C. coast. Braving epic storms, inexperience and the isolation of the old growth forest, they built a log cabin with an axe and swede-saw and birthed healthy babies as humans have done throughout time.  A few pictures survived that will surely speak to your heart. Come join this amazing couple as they spin their tales and talk about the mental and physical challenges of life in the wilderness.

Visit:   to read a short story titled

Life on Burnaby Island by Victoria Schneider