Mustard, Spicy Chili Sauce and Other Live Cultured Condiments

Date: 10/19/2013
Time: 10:30am
Cost: $35

MustardLacto-fermented condiments are an easy way to introduce live cultures and

probiotics into your diet. Discover how to make these yummy sides with Barb

Burwell and what you need to get started making your own delicious batches at

home. You will learn how the lacto-fermentation process works, its many health

benefits, and the simplicity of this ancient, safe, and nutrient-rich food tradition.

You’ll be making your own jars of mustard and sriracha-inspired chili sauce to take

home. Gluten-free options will be discussed and demonstrated. Samples will be

available to taste, too! Call the shop to sign up at 503-233-8691.