Beeswax, soy wax, wicks, molds, melting pots… time to make candles. Our beeswax comes in one pound blocks (filtered) and one pound bags (unfiltered). We also offer beeswax pellets for your cosmetic recipes. We carry both pillar and container styles of pure soy wax. We also have square-braid cotton wick in various sizes, wick tabs, wick bars, dyes, and essential oils–everything you need to make your own candles.

A little note on the joys of beeswax candles: beeswax candles not only smell good, but have the longest, cleanest burn of any type of candle. When burned, beeswax candles emit negative ions which make them natural air purifiers. Plus they have that wonderful natural honey smell and don’t overpower a room like synthetic fragrances tend to do.



Our oil lamps come from Aladdin Lamp Company. Founded in 1908, Aladdin is one of the oldest manufacturers of oil lamps in America. Aladdin offers a wide variety of lamps including table lamps, hanging lamps, floor lamps, and wall or bracket lamps. We carry a variety of shelf lamps, wall lamps, and hanging lamps. We also carry spare parts such as chimneys, mantles, and wicks, as well as non-kerosene lamp fuel.  Do you have an old Aladdin that needs parts or a little work? We can order parts for old lamp models and have access to an official tinkerer who loves to work on oil lamps. Come in and see our selection of Aladdins or find what you’re looking for through the catalog. We’ll be happy to special order anything you need. Visit the Aladdin website at