Cheese, glorious cheese. Everything is better with cheese (or is that bacon?) Anyway, for those of you yearning to master the art of turning milk into pure, edible gold, we have all the supplies you need.

We carry a complete line of starter cultures including direct set cultures for making sour cream, buttermilk, chevre, fromage blanc, and creme fraiche as well as thermophilic and mesophilic cultures. For those wanting to make washed rind or hard cheeses, we stock Flora Danica, Proprionic Shermanii (swiss), Geotricum Candidum, Penicillium Candidum, Penicillium Roqueforti, and bacteria linens. We also have both animal and vegetable rennet, cheese waxes, citric and tartaric acid, activated charcoal, and all the other paraphernalia needed for cheesemaking.


Yogurt lovers can find several cultures to satisfy the yogurt craving. We carry a line from Cultures For Health including Piima Yogurt, Villi Yogurt, Filmjolk Yogurt, and Greek Yogurt. For direct set starters, we have both Yogotherm and New England Cheese cultures.


Don’t forget the sourdough, kefir, miso, tempeh, and kombucha! We have them all and will be happy to get you started on your first batch.