It’s that time again. Time to turn your attention outdoors and start thinking about the garden! This year we’re excited to be featuring vegetable seeds from Renee’s Garden, Baker Creek, and Daggawalla, a new seed business based in Portland, OR. We also have Black Gold seed starting mix and pots to begin your seeds indoors.

We’ll be getting our plant starts from Winona Farms this year, an ultra-local plant nursery based in SW Portland. Winona Farms is run by Zach Hinkelman. Learn more about Winona Farms here.

Zach is growing a great variety of vegetable, herb, strawberry, and rhubarb plants this season.

In early spring, we have organic seed potatoes for standard and fingerling varieties. We also carry organic seed garlic. For anyone who didn’t plant their garlic in the Fall, there’s still time to put in a spring crop!

We’re continuing to offer garden hand tools from Red Pig Tools, a wonderful company based in Boring, Oregon. Red Pig is owned by Bob Denman, a blacksmith and tool expert. He has even invented some new tools of his own. Read more about his story on the Red Pig Tools website. In addition to the Red Pig line, we carry Corona, Felco, and Dramm gardening tools and watering supplies.

As always we have Teufel compost, Stutzman’s composted chicken manure, Four-Corners worm compost, Coconut Coir blocks, and Alaska Peat Moss to amend your garden soil. For extra minerals and nutrients, we have Jersey Greensand, Glacial Rock Dust, Alfalfa Meal, Bone Meal, Blood Meal, and Kelp Meal.