We have beautiful cider presses and grape presses from Happy Valley Ranch in Paola, Kansas. These presses are not only practical but beautiful.  Wanda and Ray Stagg, owners of Happy Valley Ranch, have been making cider presses for over 25 years. Handcrafted cast iron grinders and hardwood work together to make a press that will last a lifetime.


We carry three sizes of the Happy Valley Cider Presses: The Yakima, ideal for pressing grapes or soft fruits for juice or wine; The Homesteader, a single tub wine or cider press with the “Apple Eater” grinding attachment; and the double tub American Harvester that allows grinding and pressing to take place at the same time.


Got apple trees? These are a must for fall cider season.  Better yet, make it a neighborhood tradition – Cider Pressing Day! It’s a great way to build community and end up with a larder full of cider jugs.  We call that a definite win-win.