CHICKENS (and chicks)

It’s almost spring and that means it’s time for baby chicks.  Our favorite local farmer and ‘egg guy’ Chris will be bringing the first batch of baby chicks mid February.We’ll keep you posted on the breeds as they come available. Chris will also be selling pullets for those want to start with a flock of hens ready to lay.

We also carry a full line of feed, feeders, founts, and treats. For feed we offer Cascade Chick Starter, Cascade Organic Layer (both locally made in Oregon), Buxton 4 Grain Pellet feed ( locally made in Buxton, Oregon (just outside of Banks) and Payback Organic 16 Pellet feed.  To supplement their healthy diets, we carry #1 Grit, Limestone Grit, 5-Grain Scratch, and Oyster Shell.


Well, they’re a little more shy than the chickens, but our Khaki Campbell and Balinese Runner ducks love wandering in and out of the shed, splashing in the kiddie pool, and snuggling in the straw. They talk to one another incessantly and occasionally manage to bully the goats up on the shelves.

The ducks love to munch a little Cracked Corn (in the bulk section) as a treat and share the COB (corn, oats, and barley) with the goats.  When the veggie gardens get put in, we’re counting on them to keep the slug population in check.



Several folks have asked, “Why keep goats?”  Well, where do we start?  First of all, Nilla and Bindi, our Nigerian Dwarf goats, are endlessly entertaining.  On the practical side, come see for yourself how they have cleared our blackberry/butterfly bush weed patch.  Not only do they save us the work, but their foraging also cuts way down on feeding costs.

For those of you who have been coming in for a while, you’re probably wondering what happened to Wendell and Belle. Well, our favorite farmer and ‘egg guy’ Chris took them to his dad’s farm where they are foraging on four acres and endless Doug Fir branches. Of the new goats, Bindi is Wendell’s sister and Belle’s half sister. Nilla is the mom to all of them.





Yes, as you’ve probably noticed, we do carry feed – a full line for chickens, rabbits, ducks, and goats. We carry both local and organic chicken feed as well as scratch and other treats for your feathered friends. COB (corn, oats, and barley) and cracked corn are a favorite of goats, ducks, and chickens.  We generally keep a few bales of orchard grass, alfalfa, Timothy hay, and straw in stock as well. If you need to stock up with a large order, just let us know and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up.

We also carry tubs, scoops, feeders, founts, and everything else you may need to take care of your flock or herd.