Our chick season is February through May. We get chicks from Pete at Pete’s Hatchery, based locally in Woodburn, OR. Pete doesn’t ship his chicks, he delivers them straight to our door! We carry a selection of good back-yard laying breeds. When chick season arrives, just give us a call to find out our current selection.


Several folks have asked, “Why keep goats?”  Well, where do we start?  First of all, Nilla and Bindi, our Nigerian Dwarf goats, are endlessly entertaining.  On the practical side, they are great weed eaters! For those of you who have been coming in for a while, you’re probably wondering what happened to Wendell and Belle. Well, our favorite farmer and ‘egg guy’ Chris took them to his dad’s farm where they are foraging on four acres. Of the new goats, Bindi is Wendell’s sister and Belle’s half sister. Nilla is the mom to all of them.


Looking for the feed and equipment you need to care for your backyard flock? We carry two types of layer feed (Payback Organic Pellets and Scratch & Peck Naturally Free).  To supplement their healthy diets, we carry grit, limestone grit, oyster shell, and several options for chicken treats. We also carry a full line of feeders, founts, tubs, and scoops.