Ah, the wonders of fermentation. What doesn’t taste better after sitting in an anaerobic brine for several days, or weeks, or months?  

Not to mention the health benefits – an abundance of friendly bacteria and enzymes to keep all systems fine tuned. This is truly the heart of food preservation – taking wonderful, fresh, healthy foods and not only preserving them, but making them even healthier! And all it takes is a mix of fresh veggies, salt, a beautifully make crock from Ohio Stoneware, and time. Well, okay, you don’t really need the stoneware crock, but they are lovely – and functional.

For the truly serious fermenter, we carry Gartopf fermenting crocks from Germany. They come in 5L, 7.5L, 10L, 15L, and 20L sizes. The Gartopfs come with fitted stones to hold the ingredients down and the top of the fermenting crock can be filled with water to create an air-tight seal. Pretty fancy, but they’re a wonderful tool for those who love their lacto-fermented veggies.

[UPDATE (1/21/14): The Harsch company is no longer manufacturing the Gartopf crocks pictured at left.]