Ah, the wonders of fermentation. What doesn’t taste better after sitting in an anaerobic brine for several days, or weeks, or months?  Not to mention the health benefits – an abundance of friendly bacteria and enzymes to keep all systems fine tuned. This is truly the heart of food preservation – taking wonderful, fresh, healthy foods and not only preserving them, but making them even healthier! And all it takes is a mix of fresh veggies, salt, a beautifully make crock from Ohio Stoneware, and time. Well, okay, you don’t really need the stoneware crock, but they are lovely – and functional.

We carry a full range of straight-sided crocks from Ohio Stoneware (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 gallon sizes). We also have their ceramic lids and weights to fit every size crock except the 10 gallon size. For those of you looking for a German-style crock with water seal, we now carry Ohio Stoneware’s 3 gallon version.

We also have some lovely porcelain crocks hand-thrown by Careen Stoll. These crocks are made in the traditional German design with a moat around the top to create a water seal. Each of her crocks is unique, so stop by the shop if you’d like to see which ones we currently have in stock.